Aim & Objectives

  • To provide modern, valuable and progressive education.
  • To make students competent and self-reliant in these areas by providing teacher education and vocational education.
  • Providing skills in modern new curriculum.
  • To provide ideal and skilled teachers, managers etc. to the country and society.
  • To provide proper guidance and advice for the future by highlighting the talent, abilities of the students.
  • To provide opportunities for learning through more and more technical, equipment and modern methods.
  • Providing new knowledge research and inspiration.
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College An Introduction

This college is located in Ramanuj Bagh in Khudaganj city in Nalanda district of Bihar state of India. This college is located in rural area, away from the city clamor. About 1 km west of Khudaganj city. This college is located at Khudaganj-Hulasganj road. Many pilgrimage sites, historical sites and universities are located in the adjoining areas of the college, such as Rajgriha, Pavapuri, Nalanda University etc. Surrounded by these places of pilgrimage and historical sites, this area has now moved forward to make its mark in the field of "education". The college has been established in 2016 by Harkhadev Singh Educational Trust, Ramanuja Bagh Khudaganj, Nalanda. This college "strives to promote teacher-education as well as to provide vocational higher education to rural society. The college operates in a large building constructed on an area of ​​about one acre in a quiet, pollution-free and natural environment on the Khudaganj-Hulasganj main road. In this college, B.A. from academic session 2017-19. Ed. Course and DL Ed. The course is moderated. All these courses are accredited by NCTE. B. Ed. The course is affiliated to Aryabhata Gyan University, Patna. This institution is named after the late Hardev Singh. The late Harkhadev Singh was a resident of Gramakshiyama, District- Jehanabad. He was a great philanthropist and educative man. His dream is to have a high level educational institute in the region, which can provide good education to the students, while simultaneously removing the problem of unemployment. To make his dream come true, his son Prof. (Dr.) Arjun Prasad Singh, former Principal A.D. This college was established by M. College, Gaya.

Message from the president

Education has an important importance in meeting the basic needs of human beings. It teaches the art of living. Education also carries out this important work of human being socially, economically and culturally strong. After completion of elementary education, it is necessary to disseminate higher education, which is the basis for their proper survival. Only from its proper attainment determines the basis of life of the youth.
          Today's youth, when they are being forced to take unexpected trips for employment, then they start to notice that we have made some mistake in choosing the divided areas of higher education. This education is clear. On doing a exploratory study of the youth, it seems that their maximum inclination leads to teaching work because this work is economically, socially and culturally fulfilling and decent. The importance of teacher has also been accepted in Arya texts. On the basis of "Acharya Devo Bhava: A teacher is devtulya. Astu.
                              Keeping the above views heartening, "Harkhadev Singh College of Education" was established in Ramanuj Bagh, Khudaganj in the year 2016. It has two B.Ed and D.L.Ed courses, which is complete The aim is to create a successful teacher. The goal of this institution is to make them self-reliant, while developing all the qualities of the teacher in the students studying here. In the present environment, when teacher training has become an urgent need for teachers, we wish that the students coming here can get proper and successful training within the stipulated time.
Prof. (Dr.) Arjun Prasad Singh

Institution Value

Discipline, fairness, excellence and good character building.

Organization Vision

The main vision of the college is to recognize and improve the internal and external capabilities of the entrants so that they can ideally fulfill their responsibility towards their home, society and country and their society and country. To develop in the right direction.

Organization Mission

To provide the ideal teacher and best citizen to the society and the country, the students entering the college by providing the best human and material resources, knowledge of modern technology, teacher education, vocational education.

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